​​Christine Dominico Visual Artist

Modus Operandi

Generally I prefer to work from my own photographs, but sometimes someone else's image captures my imagination.  It is a constant surprise, even to me, how the brush makes the image my own.  I also love to work

"en plein air",  arrange my own still life, or spin a painting from my imagination.  If you have a favourite  photo,

you can commission me to paint  it for you.

 The cost of a painting depends on the size and complexity of the work.


Your family pet?  Your favourite house?  A nostalgic family photo?  Such portraits  have become very popular.  Preserve your memories for posterity.


Any occasion ( birthday, anniversary, graduation, career success, housewarming or  Christmas), is made more special with an original painting.

Yours will be the most unique gift!


I offer two hour classes in painting  at my Marmora studio in the spring and autumn.  If you have an idea for a painting , I also do commissions.